Web Design


responsive web designing  “It is not enough to have beauty
It must be functional as well.”

Today, designing a website requires two vital parameters: it must look beautiful to appeal the visitors and must work wonderfully on every device. But the most important thing for us when we design a website is to give it a personality for its own. We believe your website should be unique like your signature. So we not only work on the responsive design part or UX coding, but also devote special focus on fonts, images and background to make your website stand out from the rest.

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mobile apps design and development

mobile application development  “People are connected to mobile more than ever before,
But how are you going to connect them.”

The world is shrinking even more. People are smart, they are more connected to smart phones than PC’s. Everything is now on their hands with a single touch. For your application to succeed you need a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile development team. We create innovative mobile business strategies, beautiful user experience designs, and powerful agile application development.


organic seo techniques used  “Doesn’t matter how good you are.
You need to be found first.”

Make no mistake. Internet business is very simple. If you don’t feature on the first page, then you are as good as user visible. Irrespective of your field, business or industry type – your website has millions of other websites to compete against before making a place for itself in the coveted top page ranking. We have SEO experts who have years of experience in link building, SEO copywriting, keywords research both popular and long tail and lots of other multi-disciplinary expertise to bring your website on the top page.

 webdatalabs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions


Ecommerce web design and development

E-commerce website builders  “Corporate presence on internet is a must for a business in this era”

Ready to build your online store? Want to redesign your existing e-commerce website? Weddatalabs creates e-commerce sites that are powerful, effective and affordable. Every e-commerce site is custom designed for the individual client.

We are leading e-commerce solution Provider Company. We offer various E-commerce solutions like,

  • Open source e-commerce integration
  • E-commerce with CMS
  • Secure online transactions or shopping cart solutions
  • Online inventory management.

Web Analytics

web analytics  “Traffic is one thing.
And conversion is quite another.”

Alright! You have more than 20,000 page visit per day. You have studied the page clicks and bounce rate, and downloaded all the traffic data into an excel file. But still you are completely in dark what’s going wrong with your website that is stopping it from achieving the desired outcomes. Traditional web analytics, if one has to be explained in simpler terms has always been parameter based. No of impressions, click through rate, bounce rate and so on. That’s why we have delved deeper to get into the heart of the matter when it comes to your websites. Our web analytics are more insights based. If your bounce rate is 80% we highlight the reasons why people are not staying on your site.

webdatalabs web analytics service


Customer Relationship Management service

CRM Solutions  “Customers are changing
What about your CRM?”

We design newage CRM solutions that empower you to know your customer details and history at the tap of a finger. Because when you know your customers well, you can deliver superior customer service whenever your customers need them. Unlike the traditional CRM solutions which are essentially complaint – redressal tools – we develop more intuitive CRM that has 360 degree capabilities. End results: Increased engagement, higher customer retention and deeper customer relationship.


CMS business service providers  “Publish, edit, modify…
All controls in your hand.”

Whether it is life or business; nothing is static. Everything keeps changing. And more so in the world of Digital Marketing. That’s why we design CMS solutions which allows you to become writer, editor and publisher by yourself. You have full access to your website where you can customize anything as per your need. Loaded with all the new age distinctive features, our CMS solutions are super easy to use and you are always in the control of your web communications.

Content Management System